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“First Page on Google!”

May 7th, 2008 · No Comments

website marketingIt’s what you want – a website that turns up on the first page, if not the number one result, in Google or Yahoo searches. Sounds easy enough. Sounds like you should be able to just purchase that location; after all, this is advertising, right? It’s not quite that simple. And if someone says that they can get your site ranked at a certain level, they are shooting in the dark.

First of all, organic results on Google are not for sale like ad space. If you want to pay for placement, consider a pay-per-click campaign. Many, many factors come in to play with organic website rankings, such longevity of your site on the Internet (at the same domain), keyword choices, keyword implementation in your copy, and competing websites, to name a few.

Being on the first page of search engine results pages is important. Usually, people make their choice of which sites to visit based on the top listings – so that is definitely where you want to be! However, a good, honest website design and marketing firm will tell you that they cannot guarantee your rankings, but they can work with your site’s analytics to promote better rankings. The system is work, wait, analyze results – again and again.

Major search engines change their strategies constantly in an effort to weed out websites that are using “black hat” strategies for optimal placement. You see, an etiquette and a protocol exist in the organic website marketing world. If your web company plays by the rules and works hard for you, you’ll see lasting results that make everyone happy. If not, your site could get banned by Google, Yahoo, or other engines.

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