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Dentist Hopes all Americans will Chip a Tooth

February 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

When Dr. Kevin Brunski of Crown Point, IN saw a news story about a missing child, then pet his dog, he got an idea. The lump in his dog’s back was an identification chip, so if the pet strayed, he could be located by computer.

Dr. Brunski’s idea developed as the I-Denti-Fied chip, and he’s so passionate about the product that he gave up a 20-year career as a general dentist to market it in the US. After finding that a Luxemburg manufacturer created the technology in 2007, Dr. Brunski began his research. Since, he has hooked up with a company that stores health records that can be “unlocked” with a code kept in the chip.

The small computer chip, about the size of a grain of rice, is implanted into to a prosthetic tooth or onto a tooth, where it’s not felt by the patient or rejected by the body. This particular I-Denti-Fied product is called The Tooth Tag™. It is FDA-approved, HIPPA compliant, and completely safe, according to Dr. Brunksi. A 16-digit patient record code in the chip can only be accessed with a special tool, a gun-style reader. Then, a call center, open 24/7, can access the information and send it to emergency care centers.

A person with the chip is given a keychain USB and a sticker for his driver’s license. This alerts health professionals that the wearer’s health records are accessible immediately. The stored records can include information about the wearer’s medical problems, as well as X-rays, DNR authorization, family members to contact in case of emergency, and more. All this for $150 the first year and a membership fee thereafter.

Learn more, read testimonials, and see a video at Look for the “Fore Healthcare Profesionals” page.


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