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Lobby Vision Introduces You to Patients

April 21st, 2009 · No Comments


You’re probably familiar with the popular patient education programs that include a DVD to play on loop in your lobby. While these systems are great, there’s a new option that has taken patient education to a more personal level. Lobby Vision is a custom video that can feature information about your team, your tools, your procedures, and your office – rather than generalities. This personalized approach to patient education is a favorite with Dr. Henry Pinkey. Read his testimonial below.

The following is a letter written by a dentist currently benefiting from the Lobby-Vision Program.
This letter was sent to the Madow Brothers for use in their newsletter.

I have no financial interest in this company or product and no relationship with any employee. I am
writing this in an effort to inform dentists around the country about what I believe is one of the best and
most cost effective internal marketing devices I have seen in my 32 years of practice and to help a
group of young professionals who are attempting to help dentists around the country, succeed.
I am a dentist in the suburbs of Detroit and before you feel sorry for me being at the epicenter of the
economic meltdown in our country I would add that we are finishing three of the best months we have
ever had. I feel Lobby-Vision has had a significant part in this. Suffice it to say, we are not involved in
any PPO’s, we collect 99% of the work we bill and we have an enthusiastic staff that believes in what
we do.

Basically, Lobby Vision is a customized program that combines information about you, your practice and
your services with some fun dental quiz questions and facts. It has great graphics and transitions. It
plays on a TV monitor that you mount in your reception room. It repeats every 30 minutes or so and
plays all day. Best of all, it is totally silent so it is not intrusive and doesn’t drive your front desk staff
crazy. Working with their designers, we put together a program that showcased our office in a way that
we were never able to do before.

So, what can Lobby Vision do for you? Do you believe that forming a personal bond between yourself
and your patients is important? Then tell them something about you as a person: your interests, hobbies
or family. Do you want to establish your competency? List the continuing education classes you took in
the last year? Do they know all of the services you provide? Tell them. Tell them about the laser you
bought, the digital x-ray you spent tons of money on, the gizmo that you never use.
Tell them how long your assistants have been working with you and show them their pictures. Patients
want to form a personal link. Make it easy for them. Let them know your hours, your emergency
protocol. Build value in the relationship. Tell them the things that they never see: the fact that you use a
water filtration system and only American dental labs.

Many patients have commented positively about Lobby Vision. Some have asked how they can get one
for their own optometry or medical offices. I only am sorry I didn’t have this years ago.
And the cost? Lobby Vision is a bargain. All you need is a DVD player and a TV. Every expert says that
internal marketing is the best place to use your dollars and I am convinced that Lobby Vision pays for
itself every day.

You can see more at or call them at 866-230-5588.

Henry Pinkney, D.D.S.
February 26, 2009
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