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Genetic Mutations Cause Dental and Oral Abnormalities

September 17th, 2008 · No Comments

Cleft palate and tooth abnormalities (missing, additional, underdeveloped teeth) have been linked to a series of genes numbering more than a dozen. These include ERBB2, IRF6, MSX1, PVR, PVRL, and TGFA. University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine found the link, which could lead to risk screening and, ultimately, corrective gene therapy. People with cleft palate and dental abnormalities are at risk for early death, cancer, and psychiatric disorders, as well. High occurrences of cleft palate occur in the Asian population (1/500), when compared to Caucasians (1/1100) and Africans (1/2500). Worldwide, 700 people are born with cleft palate each year. The report was published in the Genetics in Medicine in September.


Science Daily

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