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Dental News of the Week

May 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Want to keep up with all the odd, interesting dental-related stories across the globe? Keep reading…

Extractions Under Hypnosis in UK

Two extractions. No anesthesia. Only a hypnotist. In Bishop Stratford, at Smile and Wellbeing Dental Care, Leslie Mason is still smiling after having two teeth extracted without any form of anesthesia or sedation. The patient says, “…there was no pain at all.” Read the full story at

Dental Demand Running Out of Gas

In a time when it costs more to fill up your SUV with mid-grade fuel than it costs to visit the dentist for a checkup, analysts’ predictions for the dental industry are coming to fruition. Dentistry seems to be on the downswing. While the dental market still showed some growth, it’s losing momentum in comparison to 2007. Stock for Dentsply, Patterson Dental, and Henry Schein has fallen. Ortho and implants seem to feel some pain, while endo and lab is hanging in there. Preventive and restorative, the bread and butter, is plugging along as best it can. The US growth rate for Dentsply is less than half of the company’s European growth. However, experts believe that the softening market will firm up soon, and it won’t take any big hits. Read more at

Hoorah for Hygienists Who Help

Just last week, DentalBlogs posted a few entries about hygienists working independently from dentists. Some hygienists are out there helping those in need, and they deserve recognition. This story on out of Kansas City is a fresh breath of air.

Doctors’ Peppers?

A recent Harvard Medical School development in natural alternatives to local anesthesia, like dentists use, combines capsaicin and another substance. Capsaicin is extracted from the seeds of Capiscum peppers, those used to make Tobasco sauce. It seems that the new analgesic will stop pain sensation without causing numbness and temporary paralysis. Read the full story at here.

Lick Those Cantankerous Canker Sores

RAUs, or recurrent apthous ulcers, are caused by a variety of factors, an treating them has always been a battle. While laser therapy seems to work well, a new study suggests licorice extract as good medicine. Apparently, licorice has been licking ulcers for years. Until 1970, it was a preferred treatment for gastric ulcers. Read the full story at

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