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Patients Flying the Coop for Cheap Dentistry

November 28th, 2007 · No Comments

It’s not news, but more and more Americans are seeking healthcare and dentistry overseas because of inexpensive care. Last year, the ADA published an article about dental tourism, and the media has not decreased since then. While we would all like to think that seeking medical or dental care in third-world countries is a huge risk, many patients have found success. The aforementioned ADA article says that Dr. Findley of the ADA Board of Trustees in the 15th District was noted as saying 30 percent of the lower Rio Grande Valley population goes to Mexico for dental care, but this includes people who spend winter there. The worldview in the media, from my readings and research, is that American doctors and dentists are a bit pompous to believe that the best place for care is in the states. Case in point, read this article. We all know that the picture is much bigger than this, though.

It boils down to money. Would national dental insurance solve the problem? Not likely. In fact, I recently spoke to a Canadian who blamed his country’s universal medical coverage – and the unavoidable waiting lists – for many deaths.

So, if Americans are going to pay for their medical and dental care out of their own pockets, they want the best deal. Sure, quality is a big factor, but money is, for some, considered equally important. On the Internet, you can visit websites of companies that show cost comparisons for overseas care – the truth is, depending on coverage and medical needs, a person can sometimes get good care in an accredited facility by trained professionals, plus a vacation, for less that his copay in the states.

If you have a solution, you’re the Golden One, that’s for sure. The important thing here is to keep in mind that dental tourism is out there, available to your patients. Will your personalized care and quality service outweigh the benefits of cheap, foreign care?

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