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Planmeca USA ProMax 3D Max FDA Approved; Now Available for US Dental Market

June 10th, 2010 · 3 Comments

Roselle, Ill. June 9, 2010—Planmeca USA today announced that its ProMax 3D Max imaging system is now available for the U.S. dental market after clearing final FDA approval.

The ProMax 3D Max offers a number of powerful features that add up to attractive benefits for dentists and patients alike, said Planmeca’s President Bob Pienkowski.

The ProMax features ConeBeam technology that allows for full anatomical 1-to-1 visualization of anatomy without distortion, which greatly reduces the guesswork of interpretation.  This approach offers a significant improvement over film and 2D technology as a diagnostic tool for implants, orthodontics and oral surgery according to Pienkowski.

ConeBeam technology’s full visual “reality” has traditionally been reserved for Medical CT technology, but now this same visual “reality” can now be owned and implemented by any dental professional at a low cost and at 1/10th the amount of radiation to the patient than traditional Medical CT.

Planmeca’s 3D ProMax follows the company’s clinical values that emphasize the use of the least amount of radiation to achieve the best results possible.  This commitment to “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” or the ALARA radiation principle keeps both dentist and patient safe.  The ability to have so many volume selections and use the least amount of radiation possible is made possible by PLANMECA’s patented Selectively Compliant Articulated Robotic Arm technology built into its ProMax platform. This robotic arm allows for precise imaging anywhere in the maxillofacial/cranial region.

“As a dentist, I realize that my patients are exposed to radiation through many sources and I strive to reduce their exposure as much as possible,” said Dr. Gene Antenucci, a dentist from Huntington, N.Y. and a spokesperson for Planmeca USA.  “Planmeca’s commitment to this technology means dentists have access to the best technology to accurately and safely diagnose their patients.”

The PLANMECA ProMax 3D Max has varying size volume selections from a 5×5.5cm to 23×26 cm, providing the best choice of volume based on clinical need.

“This means there is no need to take a ConeBeam volume of the entire head if only a single tooth site needs to be visualized,” Antenucci said.

But in select cases where the entire maxilofacial/cranial region is needed, the ProMax Max can easily fit that need as well.

Antenucci said Planmeca’s 3D ProMax will improve patient’s acceptance of treatment plan recommendations because a patient may or may not understand what is being presented in a 2D x-ray, but when shown a 3D rendering, the patient immediately grasps what the dentist is trying to communicate.

Adding value to a customer’s purchase, Planmeca also provides:

  • Local Dental dealer support for timely mechanical support
  • PLANMECA representative imaging training and technical phone/remote support for proper knowledge share
  • Certified local IT companies for network assurance
  • Monthly online community software and clinical trainings for continued growth
  • For more information, contact your authorized Planmeca dealer or call 1 630-523-2300.  Or visit for more information.

About Planmeca USA

Planmeca USA is the North American Subsidiary of  Planmeca Oy, Helsinki, Finland. Finnish Planmeca Oy is one of the largest privately held companies in the dental equipment market. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Planmeca designs, manufactures, and markets high-tech dental equipment suitable for private clinics and teaching environment. Planmeca’s product lines include dental care units, dental X-rays, digital imaging and software applications.

The company has been a forerunner in digital imaging and advanced, computer integrated dental care concepts for years. Planmeca is strongly committed to R&D and innovative solutions. Planmeca delivers complete dental solutions with integrated high tech device and software options with exquisite design. Planmeca products are designed and manufactured in Helsinki, Finland, and distributed worldwide via a comprehensive network of dealers operating around the world. More than 98% of Planmeca production is exported to over 100 countries.

The company is well established on high-tech dental markets worldwide. Planmeca has considerable market shares e.g. in the U.S., Japan, and several European countries.

Planmeca, established in 1971, is the parent company of Planmeca Group, a group of companies in the field of health care.

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  • 1 Egoldsteindds // Jun 10, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Great product, but I don’t know if 3-D xray imaging is superior enough to traditional digital x-ray machines to offset the price difference

  • 2 teeth whitening products // Jun 16, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    I bought the 5×5.5cm 3D Max x-ray imaging it is truely helpful. It gives a better view and is easily understood by patients. I will recommend it as I am getting more patients with word of mouth appreciation of my 3D machine while other dentists in my locality use 2D.

  • 3 San Marcos Dentist // Jun 19, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Well you can charge more for panoramic imaging so in that respect it is worth while. One thought is why buy advanced technology new when you can find high quality used components for half the price…if you have cash.

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