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Cosmetic Dentistry: Making Stars Shine a Little Brighter

April 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment

According to Inside Edition, Tom Cruise underwent Invisalign to straighten up his midline. Apparently, he went to his child’s orthodontist and was told that HE needed braces. Well Tom, like any successful businessman, just couldn’t sacrifice his image. After all, his stunning smile got him pretty far in life. Invisalign tickled his fancy, though, and he was sold. Cher, Diana Ross, and the late Michael Jackson also underwent orthodontic therapy, says the Inside Edition anchor.

Other stars who’ve undergone noticeable cosmetic dentistry include Hilary Duff, who got whiter and bigger; George Clooney, who got whiter with a more uniform edge; Zac Efron and Nicolas Cage, who had big diastemas that are no longer in existence; and Miley Cyrus who had work done, but could use some more. Simon Cowell is hard on everyone – including himself. Looks like he got veneers. And Jeremy Piven looks a heck of a lot better than he did in high school. But the  and who could forget the drastic Elliot Yamin makeover?

Check out the before-and-after gallery at

You might even send your patients there to see how extreme a smile makeover truly can be.

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