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All About Dental Video Testimonials for Your Website

February 26th, 2009 · 2 Comments

dental video testimonials actionA while back, DentalBlogs covered vSling, the new patient video testimonial system by Smile Reminder. It’s pretty cool. You can capture, manage, and distribute your patients’ testimonials, all from the comfort and convenience of your office. vSling doesn’t have a lot of competition at present, but that will probably change. If you like the idea of dental video testimonials, but you need to keep marketing costs as low as possible in light of the recession, consider capturing the video yourself. Dr. Larry Emmott, our resident technology guru, explains how you or your team members can record patient testimonials effectively and inexpensively in your office:

How to Shoot Dental Video Testimonials in Yourself  

How to Put Dental Video Testimonials on Your Website
The easiest solution to get your videos posted is to sign up with a company like TNT Dental that offers website hosting and support. All you have to do is send them your videos, and they’ll post them on your site. If you produced and manage your own website, the process could be more difficult. You’ll have to review your software instructions and hosting service to determine the specifics.

Why Video Testimonials?
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, video testimonials have transformed the “What Are Patients Say!” page of dental websites. Here’s a quick rundown of advantages:

• Emotional appeal for dental phobic, cosmetic, and full-mouth or implant patients
• Cool videos will makes your practice seem more technologically advanced
• The above comes with an increased perceived value of your services
• Do people really READ testimonials?
• Marketing opportunity on YouTube, etc. with video versus text
• Claim the best of both worlds with video and text testimonials
• Update your videos as often as you like
• Use your equipment to capture videos of yourself explaining procedures, then post these on your website, blog, or social media page

Why NOT Video Testimonials?
Disadvantages include the time, expense, and hassle of learning, then implementing and managing a video testimonial program. An office administrator or assistant could learn the ropes and become proficient at the entire process. However, as with all new marketing techniques, weigh the pros and cons for your unique practice. Consider:

• What could video testimonials do for your business?
• Would they continue to be effective, or would the “new” wear off quickly?
• Is it worth the work necessary to do it correctly? (A half-hearted production could hurt your reputation.)
• Is it worth the time?
• Is it worth the money?
• Are video dental testimonials in line with your practice, business, and marketing goals?
• Do you have (eloquent) patients who would allow you to film them, then distribute the video online?

Other Considerations
Keep in mind, testimonials aren’t allowed in every state. Dentists in Texas, for instance, are not permitted to advertise with testimonials, per the State Dental Board. Also, you may want to get a legal release signed by the patients in your videos.



This one’s actually really funny…

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  • 1 Cosmetic Dentist in Surrey // Feb 26, 2009 at 11:08 am

    Is there somewhere that will let you ‘rent’ videos for you site? I.e. licence videos that they’ve already produced?

  • 2 Administrator // Feb 26, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    Not any testimonial videos, as that would be false advertising. However, if you mean clinical videos, sure! Google ImplantVision and ConsultPro to get started. If you find other resources, let us know!

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