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DB Keeping You Plugged In: How to Effectively Add New Dental Software to Your Practice

January 19th, 2009 · No Comments

You’ve found the perfect software for the office, and you’re pumped. This could revolutionize your practice! Before you get too far into your daydream of perfect communication, a full schedule, and a happy, thankful staff who adores you, consider six essential elements that will be imperative to the success of your software.

  • 1) USE – How to open the software, find a patient, and find procedures or appointments
  • 2) CHARTING – How to enter treatment, create treatment plans, enter procedure notes, link to diagnostic aids
  • 3) FINANCE – How to make an estimate, submit insurance claims, bill, and enter payments
  • 4) SCHEDULING – How to create and locate appointments
  • 5) COMMUNICATION – maintaining patient contact and insurance information; sending correspondence for insurance, recall, confirmations
  • 6) ADMINISTRATION – compiling numbers, running reports, maintaining security

If you gain a comprehensive understanding of these six elements, your new software may be everything you hoped. Each person in your office should have a general understanding of the entire system and will also have special areas to master. For guidance on how to use your software, check into training options from the manufacturer, such as sending your team to classes or scheduling an in-office trainer, or hiring a technology consultant.

Dr. Larry Emmott is our resident dental technology guru. In addition to speaking and consulting, Dr. Emmott has authored a series of Technology Guides for dentists, available online, and he is a monthly columnist for Dental Products Report. See his blog here.

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