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DB Keeping You Plugged In: Emmott Covers the Consumer Electronics Show

January 12th, 2009 · No Comments

Dr. Larry Emmott, dental technology guru, lecturer, consultant, and DentalBlogs contributor, covered the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past weekend. In addition to gathering some great information on the latest in technology and how that will translate into the dental field, Dr. Emmott had three main observations to share. First, wireless is huge. Second, touch computing is going main stream. And third, despite the economic “crisis,” attendance was tremendous. Keep reading to learn about the new toys and gadgets Dr. Emmott discovered at CES…

Video Surveillance
Here is an off the wall idea (or maybe it is a mounted on the wall idea) I got at CES. Video surveillance cameras have changed dramatically. They are now cheap and easy to set up with wireless technology. It is now cheap and easy to record months of activity off the cameras with digital recording and high capacity hard drives. These systems are designed to be used to record activity after hours or to be monitored by a security guard in a room somewhere. But we could use the same technology in a completely different manner. How about a camera in each treatment room focused on the chair. We could monitor who was in each room. If they were ready for treatment. How the staff was functioning. We would have liability protection from some types of claims. We could monitor the reception (waiting) room to see who arrived, when and what they were doing. In other words, now that this technology is inexpensive and easy to set up and use it could be used for a lot of things we would never have imagined. It doesn’t have to be used just to catch bad guys, it can be used and an everyday extension of our eyes to see what is happening in the office.

DisplayLink Monitors
I have long been a fan of multiple displays (monitors) when using computers in the dental office. It increases productivity everywhere it is used. Two in the treatment rooms, at least two up front and I have four at my desk. (I’m a geek.) Multiple monitors were never hard to set up but now it is even easier with new technology from DisplayLink. This product connects to standard USB connection to add on additional monitors. Visit DisplayLink online here.

Another sweet new tool from CES. With Eye-Fi you can take a digital photo and it will instantly download to the computer wirelessly. You don’t even have to take out the memory card and put it in a reader. It is only available for SD. Visit Eye-Fi online here.

This could be the most revolutionary new technology at CES in 2009. The technology allows for a direct transfer of power without wires. The first product is a simple mat that can be used to charge all the mobile devices we use, such as phone, iPods, and even laptops. However, the really amazing idea is that this same energy transfer process could be used to replace power outlets in the walls or on counters. You would simply need to position an appliance over the induction source and the power would flow from the counter to the appliance. If the science is interesting, visit Powermat online here.

Intel Health Guide
This new use of technology does not have an immediate dental application but the concept will be very significant in the future. The product as it is now has some important but limited uses monitoring patients with certain chronic illnesses. However, the idea, which is that medical (dental) conditions can be monitored and dealt with using a remote system, smart software, and paraprofessional level providers has huge potential. A patient can receive care immediately with no drive to an office, no wait to see a doctor, no doctor time used unless it is required. The provider can review and help many, many more people each day. This is the kind of innovative technology that improves the patient experience and reduces costs. It can totally change an industry. Visit the Intel Health Guide website here.

Visit www.emmottontechnology to learn more about Dr. Emmott’s exciting new finds at the CES! Learn more about Dr. Larry Emmott here.

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