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Men’s Dental Health: Dieting May Decrease Periodontal Disease

December 19th, 2008 · No Comments

Inflamation plays a big role in physical problems that stem from aging. In a recent study, Mark Reynolds, DDS, PhD and teams at Maryland Dental School, University of Kentucky, Virginia Commonwealth University, Louisiana State University, and the National Institute of Aging found that male rheses monkeys who were fed 30 fewer calories per day than others, over the course of 13 to 17 years, showed a lower incidence of periodontal pocketing, as well as less immune response to bacteria. Gum disease begins with bacteria, so this is an interesting finding that my translate to humans. Of adults between the ages of 30 and 90, one-third have periodontitis, but studying humans is difficult because of varying contributing factors, like smoking.

Why male monkeys? Dr. Reynolds says that men have a higher occurence of gum and heart disease than women. The study lends credibility to the philosophy that males inherenlty are more susceptible to these conditions. It could lead to futher research about theĀ  differences in men and women as personalized medicine plans for genetic profiles develops.

Dr. Reynolds’ study was published in Nutrition (October 15)online and will be featured in the hard copy in January.


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