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Emmott on Digital Radiography

December 17th, 2008 · No Comments

Dr. Larry Emmott is our resident technology guru here at DentalBlogs. In a recent post on his blog,, he discussed misinformation in regards to digital radiography technology. If you’re considering “going paperless” or taking the first step in that process by purchasing a digital x-ray system, you need to make sure you purchase the right equipment for the right reasons. Check out Dr. Emmott’s technology guide “Digital Radiography” here.

Why invest in digital radiography? Not only are the images immediately available, they’re clear and color-coded. You can share the images with your patients on a chairside monitor, along with digital photos, both intraoral and extraoral, for a complete virtual tour of the mouth. Additionally, digital x-ray systems emit about 80-90% less radiation than traditional systems, so they’re safer for the patient and your team. Considered “green,” a digital radiograph requires no harsh chemicals for developement, and it also takes up no storage space (except on your harddrive or server). Digital x-rays can be accessed quickly, as well. Transferring them to insurance companies and specialists is quick and easy. And if you plan to make your office paperless now or down the road, a digital radiography system is key.

Review brands and styles at There you’ll find many of the digital radiography systems on the market, as well as reviews and data for comparison.

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