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Keeping Your Dental Team Happy

November 26th, 2008 · No Comments

dental hygienistsWhat does a dental office need to thrive? A good dentist. Modern tools, equipment, technology, and a quality lab. Effective marketing to get the right patients in the door. And don’t forget a great staff to keep patients coming back. If you feel like your hygienists, admin assistants, office manager, and dental assistants are on top of their game, another dentist would probably feel the same. How can you retain your valuable employees?

In the article “Don’t take staff for granted” by Thais Carter, we’re presented with some very interesting and useful information – the top 10 reasons dental staff members quit. While you can’t control all of the factors that might contribute to losing a good employee, you can control a few of the issues. For instance, work relationships, ethics, feeling inspired and challenged, and salary are things you can discuss and develop with your employees. You can’t do much about a commute, which was number nine on the list. If your practice seems to be in a “downward spiral,” which came in at number eight, losing employees is probably only part of your problem.

The thing to remember is, even with the job market lean and mean as it is today, good employees can find work – and they will go elsewhere if your office doesn’t feel like the right place to them. Being involved with your team members, knowing their personalities, goals, and listening to their ideas will help you become a great leader and foster loyal employees in your practice. Read the full article online here.

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