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Research Hopes to Nip Cavities in the Bud

October 30th, 2008 · No Comments

caries reductionThe National Institute of Health is giving $16 million to Dr. Hyun Koo of Eastman Dental Center to promote research for preventing tooth decay. As you know, decay is rampant across the globe. At this point, we attack tooth decay on the backend, repairing a tooth with restorations after decay strikes. We do have CariFree┬«, a system that allows dentists to determine a patient’s risk for decay based on analyzing biofilm. The dentist can then create a proactive plan to reduce potential for cavities. The plan often includes CariFree’s xylitol- and fluoride-rich products. Koo’s research is even more proactive. His team discovered a combination of natural elements that reduce biofilm production. They aim to revoke oral bacteria’s ability to make the acids and polymers that contribute to production of biofilm, thus eliminating tooth decay altogether.


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