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Cosmetic Dentists Expand Services to Make Patients Happy

September 29th, 2008 · No Comments

dermal fillersEvery general dentist offers some form of cosmetic dentistry, whether composite fillings and white crowns or various forms of veneers, orthodontics, and whitening. Some cosmetic dentists stretch their esthetic services beyond the confines of dentistry. These guys and gals offer laser skin therapy, Botox, and dermal filler injections to patients who want more

than a smile makeover.

Dermal Fillers

To plump lips, reduce wrinkles, and create a more youthful facial appearance, dermal fillers are just what the doctor – er, dentist – ordered. Juvederm has been a leader in dermal fillers, but this year Radiesse entered the scene.

Radiesse consists of calcium-based microspheres in a watery gel. The product entices new collegen to grow around the injection site, which can produce more lasting results than previous generations of derma fillers. Because Radiesse is biocompatible and mimics a natural substance, few allergic reactions and side effects have occurred. Radiesse was approved by the FDA – twice – and has CE certification.

Visit Radiesse online here.

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