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Hypnotherapy to Alleviate Dental Fear

August 27th, 2008 · No Comments

cosmetic dentistMany people are scared of the dentist, and while no hard, fast statistics are available, it is estimated that 20-50% of people avoid dental visits because of fear. The phobia can stem from bad dental experiences in a patient’s past, control issues, or simply fear of needles, pain, or the unknown. Oral conscious sedation, meaning nitrous plus anxiolysis, has swept the dental industry and helped many people overcome their dental stress. Here at DentalBlogs, we have posted articles about little things that make patients feel more comfortable, from ergonomic chairs and spa dentistry to the use of sign language for patients to communicate with doctors during procedures. Lately, we seem to be hearing more and more about hypnotherapy as a means to overcome dental fear.

A few months ago, a story that ran on the Internet told of a man who underwent tooth extractions while under hypnosis – no medication was administered. He came out smiling (with two fewer teeth). This week, a story ran at telling of how Dr. Badiani in the UK is working to provide patients with alternatives to traditional anesthesia and sedation. His offerings range from aromatherapy to hypnotherapy. The article also tells of how one patient. Ms. Wardle, overcame her dental phobia through hypnotherapy. Her hypnotherapist, Max Rangleley, works for Dr. Kate Halt. Rangeley says in the article that the mind’s power is more incredible than most people realize. Rangeley believes that it is possible for a person to overcome fears and block out pain with hypnotherapy as Ms. Wardle did.

Still don’t believe it? Watch this YouTube video of a dental patient undergoing two extractions and implants, drilling and all, under hypnosis here: The patient’s pulse remained calm during the entire process. She rated her pain level at a 0-2 during the procedure. The only medication she took was Advil before her appointment.


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