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Landing Large Dental Restorative Cases

August 20th, 2008 · No Comments

It’s a popular topic in dental publications – landing the big cases. Now that many general dentists offer implants, cosmetics, and occlusal therapy, these highly trained professionals want to put their skills to work improving smiles, lives, and their bottom line.

In the Summer 2008 issue of The Wealthy Dentist Magazine, Dr. James McAnally presents his Big Case Success Pyramid™. This visual aid shows clinical education is a vital foundation, but without good practice management, marketing, and skills to close the sale, dentists lose out on the big cases they want so badly. Many dentists have the CEs, and even the experience, to do full-mouth cases, but getting and securing them is often a hurdle. Dr. Mc Nally says that in a survey, the majority of responding dentists believed that skills are the most important aspect of landing big cases. If that were so, then why aren’t all highly trained dentists extremely successful, overbooked, and filthy rich? Because it’s not true.

To read Dr. Mc. Anally’s full article online, visit the link below.

SOURCE: “Full Mouth Cases Require FAR MORE than Just Clinical Skills!” – Dr. James Mc. Nally, The Wealthy Dentist: Summer 2008

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