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Amazing Developments in Clinical Dentistry

July 28th, 2008 · No Comments

In the UK, things are rolling right along. The things I’m referring to are awesome innovations in clinical dentistry, developed by Leeds Dental Institute. For instance, they are using a photo dynamic therapy (PDT) to control plaque. An anti-bacterial mouthwash plus a special red light, and boom! Plaque doesn’t stand a chance. In the area of fillings, Leeds is using a low-viscosity, protein-based fluid that seeps into pores in a tooth. There, it turns into a gel and attracts calcium. The tooth begins to “heal” naturally. No drills. No fills.

Leeds comes up with these amazing innovations by striving to fill the practical needs they see in patients at their outreach clinics. In 2009, Leeds Dental Institute will open a center for dental research and clinical practice, a first for the UK.


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