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Dentists can “Wow” within Reason

June 17th, 2008 · No Comments

spa dentistryWhat makes your practice different? What makes patients want to come back? It’s a hot term in the industry, The Wow Effect or The Wow Factor. What is it? Dr. Joe Blaes, editor for Dental Economics and a renowned dental speaker and educator, wrote about Wow-ing patients in “Focus On: Equipment” in the May 2008 Dental Economics issue. His formula for a Wow experience is painless dentistry, plus empathy, plus “…all the little things to make patients more comfortable during any dental procedure.” Popular comfort amenities include personal music and movies or television in the operatory, dark sunglasses, blankets, pillows, and even warm towels and lip balm. In today’s economy, investing in a full-service “spa” dental practice may not be on your agenda. However, it’s the little things that count – and the little things cost less than the big things.

Some dentists have invested in relaxation rooms where patients can relax on a padded massage chair while listening to the sounds of a tranquil fountain. Scented candles – aromatherapy – flicker in the dim room, and plush green plants thrive in natural light streaming through a plate glass window. This pampering may seem over the top until you consider that other dentists offer paraffin hand and feet waxes, facial masks, and personal massages. You don’t have to go to these extremes to pamper patients, but by offering a warm, non-sterile waiting area, complete with water, tea, and coffee, and a few pleasures in the operatory, you may increase retention. This minimal investment shows your patients that you care about their comfort, just as you would if they were guests in your home.

Dentistry is about relationships. Relationships are built on personal investments. Investing in each person you care for could increase your bottom line, as well as the attitude and atmosphere in your practice. A little Wow will make your world a better place.

Read Dr. Blaes’ article and “The Dental Office as a Healing Environment” by Dr. Michael Kurtz at

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