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Pure Power Mouthguard

June 4th, 2008 · No Comments

pure power mouthguardNow athletes have a new choice – a strong choice – in protective mouthpieces. The pros from many sports have turned to PPM, Pure Power Mouthguard, because it not only offers protection, but it also increases strength and balance. Sound silly? Well, it’s true. By using a TENS unit to relax facial muscles, a certified PPM dentist can find optimal jaw position, then fit the mouthguard accordingly. PPM holds the jaws in ideal position, which results in improved vertebrae alignment and better muscled recruitment, balance, and upper body strength. Who’s using PPM? Hockey, baseball, football players, as well we golfers, runners, weight trainers, and other athletes are enjoying the multi faceted benefits of PPM. Check out the website here.

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