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Dentists in the Afterlife

May 15th, 2008 · No Comments

There was once two lab owners that were friends outside of business. One owner kept his lab clean and tidy, all of the work was done on time and accurately, and he only suffered an occasional complaint from his dentist clients. The other lab owner was quite the opposite. His lab was always a mess, the cases were always running late, and his phone was constantly ringing with an unhappy dentist client on the other end.

Years later, after both had passed away, the messy lab owner found himself in hell, and couldn’t believe how much worse running a lab there was than it had been on earth. He found it impossible to clean his work space, he NEVER got enough time to process the work, and the doctors were both calling him regularly and stopping in to yell at him. One day, he asked if he could have a pass to visit his friend, of whom ended up in heaven. The devil granted a short pass, and the messy lab owner took the elevator ride up.

Once in heaven, he quickly found his friend’s “heavenly” lab. When he stepped inside, he was amazed to see his friend lounging around watching TV.

“I don’t get it!” he exclaimed. “How can it be that your lab is so clean, and ALL of your work is done? Please tell me the secret to how you keep your dentists happy.”

The clean lab owner looked at his friend and replied, “Dentists? There aren’t any dentists in heaven.”

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