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Evidence that Sealants Work

April 24th, 2008 · No Comments

The ADA took its members’ advice and performed an evidence-based study on the effectiveness and application of dental pit-and-fissure sealants. The results? In the March 2008 issue of JADA, clinical reccommendations were published, along with an executive summary for convenient use in the operatory.

The report addresses these topics: what circumstances indicate placement of sealants for caries prevention; if a sealant is placed on an early lesion, will progression cease; which conditions differentiate whether resin- or glass ionomer-based sealants should be placed; and techniques to improve retention or caries prevention.

A clinical evaluation revealed: sealants effectively prevent decay; kids and adults benefit from sealants; sealants do stop progression of early caries lesions; it is not recommended to reduce the tooth prior to sealant placement.

To learn more, including recommendations for cavity detection and how the clinical research was performed, ADA members can access the full JADA report. You may also want to review “For the Dental Patient,” an article that addresses how to communicate with your patients on the issue of dental sealants.

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