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3D Systems Introduces In-Office Wax Model Creation

January 30th, 2008 · No Comments

In March of this year, 3D Systems’ modeler, Pro-Jet ™ DP 3000 3D Production System, will be available in the United States. This innovative system uses 3D images to "print" waxups in layers, using a nesting technique. This means that you can have a waxup designed and fabricated in your office by a machine. 3D Systems claims that the unit is affordable and compact. This same type of system has been used by engineers, but 3D Systems has brought it into dentistry.

How Does the Pro-Jet ™ Production System Work?

Like much of the 3D technology hitting the market, the Pro-Jet ™ system scans a model, and designs a digital plan. It then fabricates a precise, smooth-surfaced wax model.

How Many Models Can Pro-Jet ™ Turn Out?

The website recommends that you load cases, then let the system create the cases over the weekend. The machine has "intelligent system monitoring" for unattended production and it can create hundreds of units in a cycle.

Read more about this exciting new technology, see case studies, and download the brochure at

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