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5 Ways Websites Do More than Market Your Practice

January 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Why do you have a website? To attract new patients, of course. Since many people shop for services online these days, a top-notch website is like having a full spread in the Yellow Pages. With proper search engine optimization, your site will be found by potential patients. But a dental practice website offers much more than an ad on the World Wide Web. It can become an extension of your practice, working in harmony with your staff and technology for efficiency and effectiveness.


Websites can house forms.


Save time for your staff and your patients by offering either downloadable pdf forms to print and complete at home, then bring to the first appointment – OR interactive forms that can be completed and sent online, stored on a secure server, then accessed by your team before the patient’s appointment. Interactive forms work with some of the major practice management programs to save you time, which saves you money!

Benefit: Online forms give patients the impression that you value their time.


Websites can educate patients.

In addition to marketing information, websites can offer descriptions of services, videos, before and after photos, and articles that educate on topics like diet, oral cancer, TMJ, and sleep apnea. Refer your patients to your website for information about their upcoming procedures, technology, or conditions that affect their dental health. You can also announce new technology or procedures, then offer articles to explain.

Benefit: Online forms can help you increase your patients’ dental IQ, which may increase case acceptance.


Websites can house postoperative instructions.


Before a patient leaves your office after a procedure, you may hand him printed postop instructions so that he can know what to expect during recovery. What if he forgets the paper or loses it? A webpage of postop instructions for common procedures can benefit your patients and your staff.

Benefit: Online postop instructions will make you appear concerned and prepared.


Websites can provide a resource for info about your practice.

Your website isn’t limited to a certain size, most likely, so you can offer as much information as you want. For instance, a map to your office, along with your phone, fax, emergency care policy, and office hours can be helpful to existing patients, as well as new patients.

Benefit: Online practice information makes life a little easier for patients who want to find your office or communicate with your staff.


Websites/Emails are a primary means of communication.

Digital communication is here to stay. Many people communicate at work and home by email, and the public expects a technologically advanced field like dentistry to be on the ball with email communication. When you purchase a website, it usually comes with multiple email accounts. You can have one main email account or many accounts for various folks in your office – like your insurance coordinator, hygienist, and doctors. If you say that you offer "personalized service," having an email account for patients to reach you only proves your dedication. But you have to be very careful! IF YOU USE EMAIL ON YOUR WEBSITE, YOU MUST CHECK IT REGULARLY. Not answering emails within 24 hours is like not answering the phone. It gives the impression that your office is closed or that you are too busy.

Benefit: Email communication will make you and your team look tech savvy and genuinely interested in customer service.

To learn more about how your dental website can become an extension of your practice, call TNT Dental today!

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