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PerioChip by Dexcel Pharma

January 8th, 2008 · No Comments

It’s not an antibiotic, it’s an antiseptic. PerioChip, the only locally applied antimicrobial (LAA), has been on the market for years. It was updated in 2001 to a firmer gelatin product that does not require refrigeration. However, the application and benefits remain the same – great. PerioChip contains 2.5mg chlorhexidine gluconate (CHX), and because it’s not an antibiotic, bacteria won’t develop immunity to it.

So here’s how it works. For patients with perio pockets of 5mm or deeper, you can place a PerioChip into the pocket with standard cotton forceps. The PerioChip will release  healing properties (from the CHX) for about 10 days as it dissolves. Flora reduction may continue up to 11 weeks, though. Use PerioChip with scaling and root planing for optimal results. Research shows that PerioChip is successful in about 90% of cases.

If you’re not using PerioChip in your practice and you want to learn more, visit the company’s website at There you’ll find 6, 9, and 24-month data, educational materials for your team and patients, and ordering info.

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