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Selecting Porcelain Veneers

December 3rd, 2007 · No Comments

I like to think of porcealin veneers secection with regards to esthetic and functional risk. Patients with high esthetic risks are patients who have a high smile line, a high dental IQ in dental esthetics (ie: they pull a vita shade guide out of there purse at the consult!), or patients with a dark tooth or teeth who want a significant shade shift. While all materials can look nice in the incisal 1/3, it is the gingival 1/3 that can be difficult. The best materials to recreate natural depth and translucency are pressed and stacked porcelains. This is because the light passes through the material and brightens up the root. Materials like Empress II (Lithium disilicate) are stronger, but not as translucent, and the strongest and least translucent are zirconia restorations like Lava. Key point, evaluate the patient, and match the material to his or her unique needs and expectations.

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