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8 Business Boosters for Dentists

November 19th, 2007 · No Comments

Dentistry is a diverse business. You’ve got the clinical side, with all of its education, technology, and materials; the business side with management, billing, insurance, and expenses; and you’ve got the marketing side – which fuels the entire business. In a Dental Economics article, Marin Wuest suggests, "According to current statistics, there are plenty of patients to go around." So the patients are out there. The challenge is getting them through your doors. A lot of thought and positioning in your brand, budget, and strategy will pay off. When you’re ready to market, it comes down to needing ideas. What will work for you? I’ve compiled a list of dental business boosters. If you’re office is slowing down for the holidays, or if you want 2008 to be a record year, consider these marketing opportunities:


1 – E-newsletter Monthly or Quarterly great reminder and can be passed on to friends

2 – Mailer to Existing Patients re: Unused Benefits for 2007 hurry!

3 – $25 Credit for Existing Patients who Refer New Patients word of mouth referrals pay off!

4 – Free Home Whitening for New Patientsword of mouth, newsletter, web promotion

5 – Know Your Neighbors promote your practice to surrounding businesses by introducing yourself, leaving some nice brochures, and offering a special

6 – Network with Specialists for Reciprocal Referrals

7 – Get a Website with Great SEO

8 – Try a 60-Day Trial of Smile Reminders for Recalls

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