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Importance of Good Records for Diagnosis

October 30th, 2007 · No Comments

When we see patients that have needs beyond general dentistry, such as occlusal or esthetic problems that require changing the position of teeth in space, we need to do a full work up that involves: photographs; a full series of X-rays and mounted diagnostic study models; if there are skeletal issues, we need a ceph. For comprehensive dentistry, we need more info than we would gather at a regular hygiene visit.

The purpose of records is to visualize the case so that we can see the changes in three dimensions to create optimal esthetics and function. Traditionally, dentists did not think about where teeth were in space, but with esthetics, we now consider this all of the time. The process I suggest involves working up a case in your mind, then doing a wax up, then placing provisional restorations, and finally working the case in the restorative material of choice.

The Dawson Center’s Seminar 1 reviews this methodology, and the new curriculum will have a Records course, as well. Our Treatment Planning course will teach dentists how to use the records for optimal visualization.

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