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Everyone Wants CEREC

August 21st, 2007 · No Comments

Last year, Dental Products Report surveyed dentists: Without considering cost, which technology would dentists want to implement in their practices? About 25% of respondents chose CEREC. In fact, 7500 American dentists use CEREC today. It is definitely a hot item. So when the July Dental Practice Report interviewed Dr. Paul Schoenbeck, a six-year veteran CEREC user, I wanted to find out the real scoop behind CEREC ownership.

CEREC costs about $2K per month, which means a dentist will need to place three or four crowns to pay for the unit and related expenses. Dr. Schoenbeck advises CEREC dentists to manage time well while the machine mills a restoration. Either address other procedures with the CEREC patient (Patient A), or double-book so that you can work on Patient B while Patient A’s restoration is being created.

Dr. Schoenbeck cites control and accuracy as great reasons to use CEREC, but there is a learning curve. Expect to place about 15 CEREC crowns before getting your time down to the hour and a half that everyone raves about. In the beginning, you may invest three hours on just one restoration. Bottom line, according to Dr. Shoenbeck, is commitment. CEREC is not a tool that you should purchase, use a few times, and give up on. You’ll have to commit to learning how to optimize CEREC for your purposes, and then massage your technique for efficiency.

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