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Glossary of Internet Terms

September 20th, 2006 · No Comments

Following are some selected Internet Terms.


Bookmark – A bookmark is a placeholder for pages on the World Wide Web. When you instruct your browser to bookmark a page, you can return to that web page at a later time by selecting the bookmark from you browser’s menu.


Browser – A browser is a software tool with which you can navigate and experience the World Wide Web.


Bulletin Board – A bulletin board is a digital bulletin board where users can post messages and reply to messages posted by others.


Cookie – A small piece of information sent by a server to your local computer. The cookie allows you to enter the service, look about and go to another web site, and then come back to the original web site without having to enter your login and password.


FTP – FTP is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol, which is an agreed-upon method for transferring files between computers on the Internet. An FTP site is a server with an address on the Internet that has been set up to use the FTP to store and transfer files.


HTML – HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML allows a person to define what goes in a web page, what the page does, and how it looks in a web browser, as well as what the words say, how to draw the pictures or play the sounds, where the links go and more.


http – http stands for hypertext transfer protocol. http is the very first part of a web address that says, “I am a web address,” and tells the computers on the Internet to use the “hypertext transfer protocol” to send information to and from your computer.


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