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Film is Dead

November 25th, 2005 · No Comments

Posted by Tom Hedge on DentalBlogs –

Film is dead. Kodak is not making slide projectors anymore and will soon stop servicing them. Digital camera sales have now surpassed film camera sales. Digital sales are up 80% in 2005 over 2004. Remember Smith Corona?

I have noticed that of all of the digital images I take in the office and at home, very few are printed. In the office, it is only the one’s that go up as office art. At home, the only images printed are to give to others that may have been at an event. This will decline as you can post images at no cost on the web.

I just got a Video iPod. Sixty Gig black model. This device is amazing. I have over 5000 songs, 7000 pictures, my calander, and contact list on it. The images are downsized to the 320×240 resolution of the iPod screen, so they do not eat up storage. I have less than half of it’s drive in use. You can transfer all the images at full resolution, and it can act as a backup.

Speaking of back up… How many of you are backing up your home images? What if you computers hard drive failed…which it will, as all hard drives eventually fail. My point here is to get a firewire back up and do it! Store it off site if you can. Have you seen what all of the Katrina victims look for as they search the rubble? Pictures.

The big changes we will see in 2006 will be full size sensors, larger LCD screens to view the images, and the ability to download wirelessly. Most sensors today on digital SLR’s are smaller than film. This gives our images a 1.6x multiplication factor from the lens settings. New sensors, like on the Canon 5D, are the same size as film, making our lenses accurate to settings and they capture better information. The larger LCD is an obvious advantage. The image at the top is the 2.5 inch screen on the Canon 5D. The tiny 1.8 inch screens on the current digital SLR’s are very inadequate. Wireless image transfer will make card readers obsolete. Press a button and beam your images to your computer.

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